Our Story

Rafael “Trini” Trinidad, along with Officers of the San Antonio Law softball team, founded the Shields for Kids charity in 2016 from a desire to give back to the children in need in the community in which they serve.

SA Law is a nationally recognized men’s competitive law enforcement softball team which was founded in 1988 by Officer Valentine (Val) Lopez Jr.  Val was seriously wounded early in his career after being shot multiple times during a disturbance.  The shield Val was wearing on his shirt saved him from one of the bullets that would have been a fatal wound. Val was able to return to full duty, and he continued to serve with distinction for many years until the contaminated lead in the other bullets that had penetrated his body, caused a rare blood disease that took his life in 2006.  The shield that Val wore that day saved his life during that shooting and was the inspiration for utilizing the shield in the Shields for Kids logo design.  Since Val’s passing, Rafael (Trini) Trinidad has led the team and continues to instill the winning traditions founded by Val in the early years. Although SA Law recently won the 2016 Policesoftball.com World Series Gold Division title held in Las Vegas, NV, their success is more than just about winning softball games.

The officers of SA Law had a desire to do something together above and beyond what they do on the field so they decided to create a charity called Shields for Kids.  Shields for Kids is 501(c)(3) non- profit organization made up officers from the San Antonio Police Department, Bexar County Sheriff’s Office and surrounding law enforcement agencies.  These officers, along with community volunteers, provide a wide variety of assistance to kids in need that they normally cannot give while “on duty”.  Our organization allows these officers, in their “off duty” status, the ability to provide assistance to underprivileged children, in the community in which they serve and protect.  This includes hand delivering presents during the holidays, a teddy bear for a child at the children’s shelter, gifts for sick children staying at the Ronald McDonald house or hosting outdoor activities for children with disabilities, all without the worries of the dangers involved with being “on duty” or “on a call.”

The ultimate goal is for our officers and volunteers to interact with kids in need outside of their “on duty” status in a safe environment, so that they experience the feeling of warmth and compassion that the officers strive to communicate to children on a daily basis while reaffirming the positive role model that all police officers wish to provide our youth.

Shields for Kids Founder

Rafael “Trini” Trinidad

Trini served in the United States Air Force and is a current Veteran of Foreign Wars member having served in Desert Storm/Desert Shield. Trini is a 22-year veteran in law enforcement and has served on patrol, SWAT, and as an investigating detective. Trini also serves his community as a Special Olympics coach, a Red Cross volunteer, and supports various organizations such as the Blue Santa program, the 100 club, and other fundraising events.


Shields for Kids provides "off duty" police officers the opportunity to support and interact with kids in need, within the community in which they serve and protect, through a variety of activities, mentorships and life lessons.


Shields for Kids provides opportunities for police officers to give back.


Our commitment to serve doesn't end when our shift is over.


Teamwork, Brotherhood, Passion and Fun